Adrenaline park

Amazinga Adrenaline Park is full of ropes, obstacles and opportunities, and you can practice balance, self-confidence and agility at a height of 5 meters above the ground!

Lower limit

6 years/115 cm

Upper limit

110 kg


They are not necessary


Part of the package

Get on the party!

Get ready and climb on the most exciting and fun high altitude adventure ever! Amazinga Adrenaline Park is full of ropes, obstacles and opportunities, and you can practice your confidence, balance and agility at a height of 5 meters, from which you have an incomparable view and a new perspective!

You go around the Adrenaline Park in a counter-clockwise direction and at a pace that best suits your confidence and pace, and the high-altitude adventure takes on a new and even more exciting dimension if you are up there with your friends.

Safety first

You climb to the Adrenaline Park after listening to the briefing of our operators. For climbing, you will receive a safety helmet that fits the circumference of your head, and you will be fastened with safety belts at all times. Non-slip socks are mandatory.

Who is Adrenaline Park for?

Amazinga Adrenaline Park is primarily intended for children, teenagers and younger adolescents, but adults who want adventure can also climb it.

Birthday at the Adrenaline Park!

Mastering the Amazing Adrenaline Park is a challenge that will delight your team! For a birthday to remember!

Buy a ticket now!

You can access the Adrenaline Park through several Amazing packages! Look at what we offer you and choose your package.

Got a question? We have the answer!

The lower limit for the use of the Amazing Adrenaline Park is 115 centimeters of user height.

The upper limit for using the Adrenaline Park is 120 kilograms. There is no upper limit in terms of the user’s age.

Anti-slip socks are required to use the Adrenaline Park. You can bring your own or buy Amazinga anti-slip socks at a price of HRK 20 per pair. A safety helmet is also required for use, which we will give you. 

Appointment reservations for the Adrenaline Park are not required.

You can! The Adrenaline Park is included in several Amazing birthday packages, and you can see the offer here .

You use the Adrenaline Park as one of the attractions included in your package. You can view the package offer in our price list .

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