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Amazinga became the first entertainment center in the world that disinfects attractions – with ozone!

Amazinga, the largest European family entertainment center, has set new safety and hygiene standards by introducing the innovative practice of disinfecting attractions with ozone – one of the strongest oxidants, which, with 99.9 percent efficiency, destroys all pathogens.

Amazinga applies ozone disinfection to trampoline park pools filled with sponges, and uses devices from the partner company Prozone to generate ozone. Ozone disinfection takes place under controlled conditions outside of working hours so that the highly reactive, oxidizing gas does not harm visitors.

“Visitor safety is a priority for all of us at Amazinga, and with ozonation we have further raised the bar of safety standards, which are already at the very top of the world,” said Tomaž Krmac , experience manager at Amazinga.

“Using ozone, as the most effective method of disinfection, we will destroy all pathogens on a daily basis, and I am especially happy about the ecological aspect, because ozone, since it decomposes only into oxygen, is also the most environmentally friendly disinfectant available to us,” added Krmac.

Amazinga will use ozonation as an addition to a set of daily disinfection procedures and procedures that, among other things, include disinfecting the attractions every 2 hours and disinfecting parts of the attractions that are individually used after each user use.

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