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Amazing math camp

The first math camp of this type in Croatia, organized by Amazinge and Mathfinity, a center for teaching mathematics.

Lower limit

6 years


On Saturdays



Price per day

HRK 190

Why should mathematics be only a boring and difficult subject in school?

What the camp!

Math camp

We decided to combine mathematics and play into one. Show your kids that math can be fun and full of real-life applications.

For three Saturdays, let your kids have a full day of fun and educational math learning through play.

Group work, socialization and joint search for solutions with the activities offered by Amazinga it will make your kids see the other side of math. The side where math it can be applied to real problems, not just dry calculation in a notebook.

He will make math fun

Hey, I'm Krešo and I'll be your teacher!

Allow us to take advantage of your children’s playfulness and desire to explore with the expert mathematicians of the Mathfinity center and the experienced trainers and animators of the Amazinga center and show them another interesting side of mathematics.

The order of the game, the order of mathematics and the order of the game and mathematics. We promise you an incredible amount of positive energy and the return of your children home with a lot of impressions, new mathematical knowledge and a better opinion about mathematics!

Plan and program of the math camp:

  • Each Saturday will have its own theme. Arithmetic, geometry and financial literacy as the three main topics that the kids will go through through workshops, educations and games.
  • How do they count in Eastern cultures? Why is number 1 so important? What are the tricks for easier calculation? What do rabbits and turtles have to do with mathematics? Why do they avoid the number 4 in Taiwan? We will learn all that and much more through the game at our first meeting.
  • All the beauties of geometry and its applications in real life. How did geometry appear on vegetables? What is the golden ratio and what does it have to do with our face? How did ancient civilizations use it, and they didn’t know they were using it? What is a Rubik’s cube? Lots of geometry at our second meeting.
  • What is money? What are wants and what are needs in real life? How can a piggy bank save us? What is a bank? Who are consumers and what is consumption? Allow your child to be financially literate and aware from an early age! All this and many other topics at our third meeting!


The package includes:

*The price of one package is HRK 190, while the price of 5 packages is HRK 760. A deposit of HRK 80 is required to reserve an appointment.
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Boot Camp dates:

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Application form:

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