Climbing Zone

Whether you love heights or have yet to overcome your fear of heights, the Climbing Zone in Amazinga is the right place for you. You can throw yourself from the top of the 7.5 meter climbing wall, but the auto belay will slow your fall in a controlled manner.

Lower limit

6 years/115 cm

Upper limit

110 kg


They are not necessary

The height of the climbing wall

7.5 meters

Fun at 7.5 meters high!

Do you dream of heights? Or maybe you want to overcome your fear of heights?

The easiest and safest way to climb up is our climbing zone!

At a height of exactly 7.5 meters, a switch is waiting for you, which you have to press and which will confirm that you have really reached the top, and for the way up you choose one of the four rocks. Each hides its own challenges, and the biggest challenge is to overcome all four!

Climbing will positively affect the development of your musculature and self-confidence, and descending is a separate story. You can descend gradually, as you climbed, but you can also throw yourself, but without fear of falling because you are supported by a safety belt and an auto belay device.


How to climb?

You climb according to your abilities, and the safest way is step by step. Those who have been on top say that the best way to descend is to throw yourself down.

Who is the Climbing Zone for?

For everyone who loves heights, but also for those who want to overcome their fear of heights. The zone is equally intended for experienced climbers, but also for beginners who are just dreaming of their first climbing adventure.

Birthday at the Climbing Zone!

Definitely the most unusual place to celebrate a birthday! Delight the team and invite them to a height of 7.5 meters!

Buy a ticket now!

Climbing Zone is part of several Amazing packages. Explore them and choose the one that best suits your idea of fun!

Got a question? We have the answer!

Climbing Zone is intended equally for children taller than 115 cm and older than 6 years and for adults weighing up to 110 kg. We recommend it equally to those who love heights and to those who have yet to overcome their fear of heights.

Appointment reservations are not required.

To use the Climbing Zone, you need a helmet, which you will get from us, and anti-slip socks. If you don’t have your own, you can buy Amazinga anti-slip socks at the reception for HRK 20 per pair.

You can not! Don’t worry, because your body provides a certified auto-belay system that prevents free fall.

Climbing Zone is included in several Amazinga packages, and you can see the prices here .

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