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Enrollment is open for the Summer Children’s Academy at Amazinga!

Although registrations for the summer Children’s Academy in Amazinga have just started, a good part of the available places are taken right from the start. The five-day fun-educational program met with the enthusiasm of parents also for practical reasons, because, in addition to the expertly designed program, the children will spend a whole day at Amazinga with meals included.

“We have been planning the children’s academy for two months now, and countless work meetings and coordination of various disciplines are behind us. The challenge was to come up with a summer program for children that will not only be fun, but will also encourage their development”, said Sanja Tokić, head of the Children’s Academy.

“That’s why pedagogues and professors of kinesiology participated in the planning of the Academy. We consulted nutritionists, parents, but also children. We also wanted to know what they wanted. I am convinced that we have achieved an ideally balanced formula of entertainment, development and education”, added Tokić.

The Summer Children’s Academy is a five-day fun-educational program intended for school-aged children from 7 to 15 years old, and during the whole day (from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) children will be provided with three meals and animators and trainers who will energize the atmosphere and take performance.

The Academy’s program itself includes a trampoline school, a karting school and a climbing school, and participants will regularly play escape room games to develop logic and laser tag games to improve body coordination.

“Through the trampoline school, along with some simple tricks, children will learn the basics of proper jumping, which will improve their motor skills, coordination and balance. In the karting school, we will teach them the basics of driving and sportsmanship on the track, while the climbing school will contribute to the development of their muscular system, as well as self-confidence, because every small success on the wall becomes a big personal victory”, explains Tokić.

The Summer Children’s Academy at Amazinga will be held in six sessions, and until the places are filled, applications can be made at the reception and on the Amazinga website .

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