Laser massage

Accept the challenge and try to overcome the laser maze in the shortest possible time. For that you will have to bend, crouch, jump and crawl. 

Lower limit

There is not

Upper limit

There is not


They are not necessary

Duration 1 game

10 minutes

Laser maze

In case you accept the challenge, your mission will be to pass through a labyrinth that is not built of walls, but of intertwined lasers. However, going through the laser maze alone will not be enough, because you have to overcome the maze in the shortest possible time, maximum within the 10 minutes you have at your disposal.

In order for the mission to be successfully completed, you will have to bend, crouch, jump or crawl, because each crossing of one of the laser beams activates an alarm and brings penalties to your game time.

For laser mazes you need dexterity, agility, speed and self-control.

How to play laser massage?

You play laser maze by getting through the laser maze within the given time limit. Cutting the laser beams activates a noisy alarm and incurs a penalty to your total game time.

Who is laser massage for?

All generations can have fun in the laser maze. The younger, smaller and slimmer ones will find it a bit easier to crawl through the intertwined laser maze and complete their mission within the given time limit.

Celebrate your birthday at the laser maze!

The perfect challenge for the birthday team. Find out who is the fastest and most dexterous in the laser maze!

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There is no lower limit for using the laser maze in Amazinga.

There is no upper limit for using the laser maze in Amazinga.

Reservations for laser maze games at Amazinga are not required.

You can! The laser maze is included in several Amazinga birthday packages, and you can see the offer here .

One laser maze game lasts 10 minutes, and you can buy the game individually or as part of one of the Amazing packages that suits you best. You can see the offer in our price list .

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