Our overnight camp allows children to learn new sports skills, make new friends and improve their communication skills.

The ultimate experience of sleeping in a tent will make your party unforgettable!

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What the sleepover!

A celebration in a tent is more than just fun

We will be happy to create a wonderful authentic experience for the Overnight Camp, which will leave your child (and their friends) with the best memories that they will DREAM about forever!

We believe that in order to live life to the fullest, it is important that every important event is special. Whether it’s a birthday, school holidays, holiday party, good grades, graduation or quality time with friends/siblings, everyone deserves to be celebrated in the most memorable way.

An overnight camp at Amazinga will transform your child’s entertainment from ordinary to extraordinary! Whether it’s a birthday party, school holidays or any other occasion, Overnight Camp at Amazinga will provide a magical experience for your child and their friends.

This kind of experience has multiple benefits for the child’s development:

1. It helps in socialization and strengthening communication skills
The modern way of life, which has become inevitable and in which children spend more and more time in front of screens and mobile phones, poses new challenges to parents in devising ways to socialize them, encourage them to socialize, interact with their peers and acquire quality social skills.

2. Encourages the child’s independence

A child given the opportunity to sleep outside his own home in the company of friends is given trust and responsibility in independently performing practical activities such as dressing, undressing, hygiene, feeding.

3. Experiential learning

The overnight camp in Amazinga is an ideal opportunity for the youngest to get acquainted with a different lifestyle, rules, expectations, daily routines and through this experience learn to accept differences.

4. Development of the child’s self-confidence and strengthening of self-image

If we enable the child to develop independence in a timely manner, he will develop self-confidence, self-esteem, a sense of pride and security, thus creating a positive self-image.

Days later, the child will recount the experiences of the best night in Amazinga!

5. Icing on the cake

We can call this a win-win situation for you and the child! While your child is having a great time, you have time for yourself and charging your batteries!

Anyone who experienced sleepovers as a child has wonderful childhood memories. We are here to help you give your little ones that magical experience and make your special occasion a night they will never forget.

Night camp in amazinga

*minimum required number of children is 8
52 per person
  • The package includes:
  • Gathering with snacks and juices
  • Amazing Pack
  • Movie/Disco Night
  • Fun and educational activities
  • 2 meals included
  • All necessary props for playing
  • Anti-slip socks for using attractions
  • Professional guidance of animators
  • Approximate duration: 19 - 11h

The minimum number of people required for the Night Camp in Amazinga is 8 people, while the maximum is 18.


Please notify us if any of the children have difficulties (allergic reactions to food, autism, Down’s syndrome, epilepsy, etc.) in order to provide them with the best possible service. In the package Night camp + 2 days of the Academy, the Academy program takes place Thursday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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