Platinum Pack (All Day)

49,00  (369,19 kn)

VAT is included in the price

You can use this for yourself or as a gift

Online or physical download

Can there be too much fun? Never!

Take the Platinum Pack for a full-day stay in Amazinga and use all our attractions to your heart’s content. In addition, you will also get one karting ride in Karting Arena Zagreb, our sister brand in the neighboring pavilion.

For every Platinum Pack purchased, we give you one Classic Burger in regular size!

*Does not include anti-slip socks.

*Terms of use of attractions: 6 years/115 cm

You can! You can give the ticket (and everything else you buy in our web shop) to whoever you want, either in digital or physical form! When it comes to tickets, each one has its own unique ID and can only be used once.

In our web shop, you can pay by credit card (one-off or in installments) and internet banking, by scanning a 2D code or manually entering payment information.

Credit card payment options by acceptor are below.


Diners: up to 6 installments
Maestro: up to 6 installments
Mastercard: up to 6 installments
Visa: up to 6 installments


Maestro: up to 12 installments
Visa: up to 12 installments
Visa Premium: up to 12 installments


Mastercard: up to 24 installments (minimum amount for purchase in installments HRK 100.00)
Visa: up to 24 installments (minimum amount for purchase in installments HRK 100.00)

Multiple tickets purchased in our web shop can be registered under one order number.

Payment flexibility

Choose the method that suits you best

Secure purchase

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