Safety first

Your safety is the first priority of all of us at Amazinga. Take a few minutes and find out about good practices that will make your stay with us safer and more pleasant.

We are listening to the Headquarters

We apply all COVID-19 measures

We are following the developments

We are carefully monitoring everything related to COVID-19

Rigorous hygiene

We disinfect attractions every 2 hours


Our contributions to the joint effort

In order to contribute to joint efforts to prevent the new coronavirus pandemic, we have prepared a set of preventive measures that we have been applying since May 2020.

You can see the full list of measures we apply at the link.

Distance of 1.5m

Please follow the navigational stickers to keep everyone safe.

Disinfection points

Hand disinfection is mandatory when entering, and you can disinfect your hands in several places inside Amazinga itself.

Disinfection of attractions

We disinfect the attractions in Amazinga every 2 hours, and we disinfect the parts of the attractions that are used individually after each use.

Protective face masks

You are obliged to wear a mask while moving through Amazinga, but you are not obliged to wear them while using one of the attractions. All our employees wear protective masks at all times.

We disinfect attractions - with ozone!

Amazinga, the first in the world in its field, started using ozone to disinfect certain parts of its attractions.

For a safe and pleasant stay

Six golden rules

In order to make your stay at Amazinga safe, fun and relaxed, we ask you to read the six short but golden rules that you should follow for this and every subsequent visit to Amazinga.


Read the rules responsibly

During your first arrival, you will register and sign the Declaration of Responsibility, in which we will familiarize you with the rules of behavior and use of our attractions.


Use anti-slip socks

Non-slip socks are required to use the Trampoline Park and several other attractions. You can bring your own or buy a pair of Amazing anti-slip socks at the reception for HRK 20 per pair.


Watch the video briefing

Before entering the Trampoline Park, you must watch a video briefing in which we will introduce you to the rules and how to use the Trampoline Park.


Be sure to warm up

A quality warm-up is essential for a good and safe performance on trampolines. This is how you protect your joints and minimize the risk of injury. Our operators will show you warm-up exercises upon entering the Trampoline Park.


Follow the instructions for use

All our attractions have prominent instructions and rules of use designed to make your stay in Amazinga relaxed and safe. Please read the rules for the attractions you will use and always follow them.


Listen Amazinga operators

You will recognize our operators by their yellow Amazinga t-shirts and they are here to make your stay in Amazinga safer and more pleasant. Please listen to their advice.

Got a question? We have the answer!

We are working! Amazinga works according to its normal and usual working hours, while applying all the prescribed measures of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia that relate to the operation of sports facilities and recreational centers.

According to the decision of the Civil Protection Headquarters, you must wear a mask in Amazinga while moving through the center, but not while using any of the attractions (except for the first level of soft play). Our employees wear masks all the time.

In order to contribute to the joint efforts aimed at suppressing the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Amazinga applies a whole set of preventive measures. We disinfect the attractions in Amazinga every 2 hours, and we disinfect the parts of the attractions that are used individually after each use. Our operators wear protective masks all the time, and hand disinfection is mandatory when entering the space. It is also mandatory to maintain the prescribed distance, and in order to make everyone feel safer – several disinfection points have been set up around Amazinga. You can find more about security measures HERE

In addition to all that, Amazing from October 2020. it disinfects part of its attractions – with ozone. You can find out more about the innovative practice that we applied for the first time in the world HERE .

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