Stairway to Heaven

A new exciting attraction that will test your courage and balance! Ideal for those who love heights, but also those who have yet to overcome their fear of heights!

Lower limit

6 years/115 cm

Upper limit

110 kg


They are not necessary

The highest point

3.50 m

Nine steps to heaven

After you take a deep breath, you start your ascent to heaven via nine steps! The first is 20 centimeters high, and the last 3.5 meters!

As you progress, the journey to the heights will increasingly test your courage and balance, which must be perfect.

From the top, you can go back up the stairs, but you can also throw yourself because your fall will be slowed down by the safety auto-belay system.

How to use Stairway?

You can progress to the last step by walking or jumping. You are provided with a helmet and, of course, an auto-belay system that protects you from falling.

Who is Stairway intended for?

For everyone who loves heights, but also for those who want to overcome their fear of heights. Amazinga Stairway to Heaven is intended for both adults and children taller than 115 centimeters.

Celebrate your birthday at Stairway!

Delight your team and test your courage and balance together! Stairway is included in several packages!

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You can use Stairway in every package that includes Climbing Zone!

Got a question? We have the answer!

Stairway to Heaven is intended for children taller than 115 cm and adults weighing up to 110 kg. We recommend it equally to those who love heights and to those who have yet to overcome their fear of heights.

Appointment reservations are not required.

To use Stairway to Heaven, you need a helmet, which you will get from us, and anti-slip socks. If you don’t have your own, you can buy Amazinga anti-slip socks at the reception for HRK 20 per pair.

You can not! Don’t worry, because your body provides a certified auto-belay system that prevents free fall.

Stairway to Heaven, as part of the Climbing Zone, is included in several Amazing packages, and you can see the prices here .

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