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The first school of jumping on trampolines in Croatia is starting, and the trial training is free!

Amazinga, Europe’s largest family entertainment center, has launched a trampoline school, and about a hundred places have already been booked in advance, since the jumping school was one of the requests that the trainers at Amazinga most often encountered since the opening in February.

It is the first school of its kind in Croatia, where beginners will learn their first acrobatic tricks, while more advanced jumpers will be able to perfect their technique.

Trainings are formulated as a controlled combination of fun and learning, and will be held under the expert guidance of trainers and kinesiologists in a trampoline park that covers 1,800 m2 and incorporates 14 trampoline attractions.

“At school, the participants will learn new, exciting elements of jumping, and will also develop their motor skills. The health benefits of jumping on trampolines, such as the positive effect on circulation and coordination of the body with the loss of fat deposits, are already widely known and elaborated in detail in professional and scientific literature”, explains Ivor Benko, head of the jumping school.

“We will learn all the elements of jumping through fun and gradually and safely, and only with persistence will we reach more demanding elements such as somersaults forward and somersaults back”, emphasizes Benko.

Anyone over the age of 4 can enroll in the school, and in order to popularize trampoline jumping as a sport – Amazinga will provide all interested candidates with a completely free evaluation training.

Applications for free evaluation training can be made HERE .

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