Trampoline Park

Our Trampoline Park is intended for both experienced jumpers and enthusiasts who want to have fun and do something good for their health.

Lower limit

6 years/115 cm

Upper limit

120 kg


They are not necessary

Trampoline attraction


The only trampoline park in Croatia!

It is composed of 14 attractions and extends over 1,800 square meters, and is equally intended for advanced jumpers and enthusiasts who are just about to learn their first acrobatic tricks.

Whether you want to dunk on a basket, jump from a trapeze, jump over a rotating beam, crawl through a ninja polygon or perfect your technique and train on high-performance trampolines, you will find all that, and much more, at Amazinga Trampoline Park.

Care for the highest standards

Our trampolines are made according to the highest standards of a leading European manufacturer, and experienced trainers and animators make sure that your stay at Amazinga is as relaxed and safe as possible.

Who are trampolines for?

By developing the habit and culture of jumping, we encourage the psycho-physical development of the community, and trampolines can be used equally by everyone – whether they are experienced jumpers or enthusiasts who want to have a good time.


An attraction that has attractions

14 different trampoline attractions create a unique and exciting whole that inspires endless fun. On the trampoline in Amazinga, you can learn your first tricks, dunk baskets, train seriously and have fun with your friends.


Trampoline field

Basic and corner trampolines on which you will make your first jumps and learn the basics of jumping.


Slam dunk

You can finally dunk like a pro! The slam dunk zone in Amazinga has two baskets, and you don’t have to be two meters tall to rise above the hoop and make a perfect shot. Here you can easily perform a back flip, behind the head, windmill or double clutch slamma jamma dunk.


Air bag

Perfectly soft and an endless source of inspiration, even for the craziest trampoline tricks. It also helps to overcome the fear of heights. You simply have to try the Airbag in Amazinga.



Perform your perfect and long-practiced trick at a height of 2.5 meters and land in a pool of sponges!


High performance trampolines

A favorite meeting place of experienced jumpers, acrobats and athletes. HP trampolines are surrounded by a trampoline wall, and the weightless feeling you get by stepping vertically is generally one of the best feelings in Amazinga!



Everyone loves a borderer on trampolines, and those who try it never go back to the classic borderer. Intended for all generations and ideal for birthday celebrations, team building or fun with the team.


Mini Football

For soccer on trampolines, you will need all the skills of a soccer player plus the skills of a jumper. Guaranteed fun if you come to Amazing with friends.


Ninja Course

You build muscles while moving through obstacles, whether hanging or standing. Pure strength is not enough and with it you will need a lot of dexterity, flexibility and agility.


Foam Pit

The landing zone is actually a huge pool filled with soft sponges that make you feel as if you are in the clouds, and in it, along with the inevitable double somersault, you can launch yourself from several different trampolines.


Climbing Wall

The rock for climbing has several lines of varying difficulty, and in addition to vertical – you can also move horizontally.



You should crouch under the higher rotating beam, while you should jump over the lower rotating beam. It sounds simple, but the situation can be complicated by a sudden change in the direction or speed of rotation of the beam.


Interactive trampolines

In order to extinguish the glowing balls, you have to constantly jump and maintain your balance, and your opponent on the adjacent trampoline must do the same.



The most effective way to burn calories in just 2 minutes. In cageball, you play 1 on 1 with your opponent, and throughout the game you have to constantly jump in order to overcome the 2.5 meter barrier and launch the ball into the basket.


Battle Beam

A soft scene of hard battles. Strength, balance, and agility are equally important in the fight for supremacy on the soft beam.

Celebrate your birthday on trampolines!

Lots of fun, games, competitions! Check out why trampolines are the biggest hit for birthday parties in Zagreb!

Buy a ticket now!

The Trampoline Park is included in almost all Amazinga Packages, but you can also buy a ticket exclusively for jumping.

Got a question? We have the answer!

Appointments for trampolines are not required. Keep in mind that the Trampoline Park is entered every full hour.

To use the Trampoline Park, you must have anti-slip socks. You can bring your own or buy Amazinga anti-slip socks at a price of HRK 20 per pair.

Children over 6 years old can use the Trampoline Park, while children under 6 years old can use the mini trampolines that are part of the Mini Ninja Course.

You can see the prices for using the Trampoline Park here .

Amazinga, for now, does not have a monthly membership fee. Instead, we have an annual membership fee, which you can learn more about here .

There is a! Amazinga offers the possibility of an annual membership fee that allows you to use the Trampoline Park on a daily basis, and you can see more about the membership fee here .

Can’t find what you’re looking for? See the full list of frequently asked questions or contact our support!

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