VR Park

Beat Saber, a roller coaster over Dubai, a fight with zombies in the London Metro, a futuristic motorcycle ride or a 6-seater with 4D effects? The choice is yours. You just need to put on the VR glasses!

Lower limit

6 years/115 cm

Upper limit

There is not


They are not necessary

Duration 1 game

5-10 minutes

A new dimension of reality

If you are in Amazinga, for a roller coaster experience above Dubai or a fight with zombies in the London Metro, you just need to put on VR glasses and indulge in an incredibly immersive virtual reality experience that becomes a new dimension of our reality!

Our VR devices take you to previously unimaginable scenarios and situations that you’ve only seen in Sci-Fi movies! Feel decay, speed, flying and even the wind in your hair or touch your feet on devices with 4D support!

Screams of delight

Although the users do not move from their designated places, the VR zone is one of the most dramatic and loud, and screams of delight regularly break through the entire Amazing!

Who is VR for?

VR devices can be used by everyone from the age of 8, and the incredible simulated experiences will open a completely new perspective to everyone who has experienced them.

Celebrate your birthday in VR Park!

Unexpected and stunning experiences of virtual reality will delight the celebrant and guests of every birthday!

Buy a ticket now!

VR Park is included in several Amazinga packages, and you can also buy VR games individually.

Got a question? We have the answer!

VR devices in Amazinga can also be used by children, but on the condition that they are older than 8 years.

Reservations for the VR Park in Amazinga are not required.

Prices for VR games and prices of packages that include VR games can be viewed here .

Can’t find what you’re looking for? See the full list of frequently asked questions or contact our support!

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